We at Exendo believe in empowering the brightest minds that consistently translate the innovative thinking into meaningful results. The reason of choosing Excendo over others is the strength of people we employ or work with. We utilise advanced, trusted and updated technology to make the study environment more professional, interactive and engaging.


Founded in May 2016, Excendo is one of the leading globally recognised recruitement organisation which is expert in recruiting qualified and skilled people across the wide range of specialised industries and professions. We deal with public as well as private sectors. We believe that right job can transform the life of the individual and the right individual can lead to great success of business.
Working in more than 195 countries worldwide, we tend to share ideas and knowledge across business and teritorries which leads to outstanding outcomes. Our staff work with job seekers and employers so that they can effectively put the right talent at right place.

What we do?

Our primary job is to find and hire the professionals who are capable enough to enhance the knowledge and skills of the delegates. The professionals are hired on the basis of their expertise, certifications, and experience. These professionals are then utilised as training instructors by our clients (Accredited Training Organisations) on the basis of their skill-set and experience in their respective field.



The mission of Excendo is to hire the well-qualified and certified trainers and fulfil the requirements of third-party organisers in order to provide high-quality training programs to the delegates, thereby, developing their desired skills.



The primary audience of Excendo are the professionals who are certified in Project Management, Technical IT, ITIL® and IT Service Management, Business Skills and more, and wish to acquire global exposure while working with proven tools and techniques that are deployed worldwide.



We, at Excendo, are fortunate to have such experience at our disposal. We utilize this global experience to hire instructors for Project Management, ITIL®, IT Service Management, Business System Development, Program Management and more..